Why there have so much passionate people answer qustion?

If I’m right about @ArinWu’s name, they’re Chinese and probably in China (Wu is a popular family name in China). That means Google is blocked. Also, Google Translate for Chinese (Mandarin) is actually pretty crappy.

But I could be very wrong about the name.

“May you solve interesting problems.”

I heard a similar quote a long time ago and it stuck like this for me. I love the challenge of not only solving interesting coding challenges, but actually helping people. Ultimately, that’s what we do as programmers and devs; we solve a series of problems to make people’s lives better. Sometimes, it’s just ourselves that benefit. Other times, the everyday Joes. And when we can, each other. That’s also why I like learning about the UX side of this industry.

“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” —George Bernard Shaw

We grow best when we work together.


Almost all Google services are blocked almost all the time. Google translate is one of the small few that’s occasionally unblocked. Although it seems like it is currently blocked, at least from where I am (Shenzhen) over my internet connection.

Good point about the name though.
@ArinWu 看您姓Wu,您是不是中国的?可能我们发的帖子有些看不懂的地方,有疑问的话就可以问!其实这个贴吧有这么多passionate的人回答问题主要的原因是因为我们是个very friendly community,欢迎来加入!


I wish I could give extra likes for this. I’m in the 东北 (Changchun) and returning to Canada next week.

I realized that Arin hasn’t actually replied to any of our messages. I hope they’ve just been busy and find their way back when there’s some time.

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Even if he’s not responding further it’s a good discussion topic and I think some great insight to why people contribute here and to any community really. It’s interesting to hear it from everyone’s perspective.

I from China.
You are right.


Thank you for your guys.
I know my English is bad, I will try to improve it.
and I will reply your guys quickly next time.


That’s OK we’re all learning here :slight_smile:


Introducing “Translate for Good” freeCodeCamp’s newest open source project allowing free - open sourced translation :stuck_out_tongue: (just kidding but it’d be a really cool idea)

As a person who grows up in Chinese culture, I think that I can give my opinion for reference.
Unfortunately, I feel it make sense base on my cultural background. I will say this question is about culture shock because major coding community culture comes from western culture.

There are two points which I want to say on this issue, the first thing is about ‘Share’. In my personal social experience, we don’t encourage share things with stranger especial useful skill (you usually can make money with them). Chinese culture is not an Open culture in some parts.

The second is about business concept and It means that we don’t really believe there is a free lunch. Simply saying, you spend your time and knowledge to answer and teach someone who you don’t know but you get nothing (reality things or money) back is kind of weird.

Back to the original question, he might just want to ask: why so many people are willing to be volunteers to help others but I think that many people already tell why they do.

I hope that my replication can help you guys to know why this question exist more. Happy Coding:P


It’s been said that the best way to learn, is to teach. So even with limited knowledge, just putting yourself out there to give advice on a topic will not only give the recipient a unique perspective, it’ll help you think about the subject matter differently. When you explain something about a topic, your brain interprets the data differently, and therefore give you a fresh perspective on the subject as well. Win-Win!

(Yes, there are those who selfishly boast about how much they know, but based on what I’ve seen so far, the VAST majority on fCC’s forum are only trying to help)

Happy Coding!

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That was very enlightening @lithiumpie! That makes perfect sense.

This is a good answer