Why there is a little margin on the right part that is not colored?

In my case, i´m building my personal portfolio page, it´s one of the challenges after finishing JQuery, but i have one problem, why there is a little margin on the right that is not the pink color?

Here´s is the codepen.io link: https://codepen.io/MaxVedis/full/PRXVOg/

Thanks :slight_smile:

You are using a “col” in a “row”, try do add:


Try to not use bootstrap, for now, I know that FCC pushes it but learning full HTML/CSS first improve your knowledge about those kinds of things, and more control. After this jump to the frameworks.


Add this too:


I don’t really like the colour scheme. :eyeglasses:

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Thanks men! It worked. Ok i will try not using bootstrap for now, thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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And, i have another question. How can i make that when i click at “about” or “portfolio” or “contact” it scrolls to that part? I haven´t done those parts yet but is to know it.

To make link jump to section give your section name with ex.

<a name="about">About</a>


<div id="about">About</div>

and insert <a href="#about"> to the link it will scroll to the specific section.

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