Why there is whitespace on right when i change dimensions of the webpage?

Here is the codepen-https://codepen.io/kirito-excalibur/pen/wvPvdPO

Your sections are overflowing the page.

  1. Use an auto grind (repeat-auto-minmax) for the projects. Or manually change the layout using media queries.

  2. Use containers to center/place and limit the content size as much as possible (flex/grid). Do not (or rarely) set height and width on elements using fixed units, use responsive units or CSS functions (min/max/clamp/calc). If you do need a minimum size use min-height and min-width so the element/container can still grow as needed. Do not push elements using left/right padding/margin to center elements, use the container (flex/grid) or auto margin on elements with a max-width.

Here is an example with some changes and a few comments (with some links as well). Fork it (footer button at the bottom right) and see what you can glean from it. Let me know when you have forked it and I will delete my fork.

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