Why these errors?

Can someone please tell me why i’m getting these errors (nr. 3, 4, 12). I believe I have done all those.

Look at the error message for 3 closely:

Not all elements with the class 'main-section' have a <header> element as a first element child

It was very easy for me to use the dev tools inspector and find the one that didn’t have a header.

I’m going to assume you should be able to figure out the others by looking at the error messages too. But if not, let us know specifically what you don’t understand.

Hello there,


<section class="main-section" id="Constants">

4 same as above

12 Where do you have a media query?

Hope this helps

Thanks, I had missed that one. Yea, I know about the @media query, I just couldn’t find where these other errors were. It’s ok now.