Why VanillaJS is not supported by fCC curriculum?

Why VanillaJS is not supported by fCC curriculum?

What do you mean by not supported by FCC curriculum?

Are you talking about the projects?

the fCC curriculum talks about Javascript as a programming language but jumps right to front-end libraries, instead of going through VanillaJS first.

Are these lessons in vanilla JS not showing for you?

I guess you could technically build the projects with just vanilla javascript and still pass the tests. But it is still encouraged to use something like react or jquery.

From what I have seen of the new curriculum, you will learn vanilla javascript by building projects.

but how about the DOM API?

It is my understanding that it is most common to use libraries or frameworks when working with the DOM.

But there is quite a bit of vanilla JS in the curriculum.

The new curriculum, introduces the DOM in the basic javascript section with the “learn javascript by building an RPG game”

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Where is this? (+20 Characters)

On github.

I was curious so I did some digging around the curriculum expansion.

I am excited for it.

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