Why web designers and developers do not use blogspot?

as a portfolio or a website, why web developers and designers do not use blogspot?

I see many developers prefer github for example.
why is that ? and why not blogspot?

what is better?
looking for your opinions and experience with that.

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github is a way to share your code. blogspot is a blog platform, they are not comparable.

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thanks for your reply. but I am talking about github pages with jekyll for example. it is very popular. not github where developers share code. thank you.

but why not blogspot?

Sorry, I did not understand that from your first question.

It may be because in that way they build it on their own?

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Lots of developers and designers who write blogs do use blogging platforms, especially those that are part of a larger publishing/community space.

When it comes to blogspot/blogger specifically, a quick search leads me to think it’s not an especially good choice as far as blog platforms go.

As for why people use GitHub Pages specifically: it’s free and easy to use and you have complete control over it.


thanks for reply. of course they build it on their own.

thanks so much for your helpful reply. it is more clear now.
and I have question concerning that.
when it comes to github jekyll blog, is it good for seo?
may I see github high ranking on google search?

and what about blogspot concerning seo, since I rarely see it on google search?

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Google owns blogspot, so I would hope it’s set up reasonably well to be indexed by their own search engine. That said, blogspot is an aging platform that lacks a lot of modern features, so it’s just not that popular anymore, leading to the lack of results. It really depends on what you’re looking for though: a lot of Haskell programmers seem to have blogspot blogs, and those show up just fine.

Honestly, I’m really surprised Google hasn’t killed it off yet.


I don’t know much about SEO for blogs, although my understanding is that it has gotten a lot better in terms of relating to the human-readable content of a page. When I did a quick google of blogspot, one of the compaints I saw was actually that its SEO was terrible but I didn’t dig into what made people say that.

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thanks so much for your reply.
I think google will kill it and it really made the first step.
thanks for giving your opinion.

thanks so much for your reply.

Hey there @optimistic !

I actually use blogger as my platform of choice for my tech blog and home base for my YouTube channel. (I won’t plug said blog and channel because that’s advertising)

However, I would have been better served heading to wordpress or even squarespace because of the rich features that are simply better. Even so some features are expiring such as my follow by email feature and overall, I struggled to get the perfect design for my brand.

I plan to eventually move out of blogger and into possibly gatsby or another JavaScript CMS framework, but the fact of the matter is that I’m currently learning JS while pumping out articles and videos. Time waits for no one, and I knew I had to start my blog and I just couldn’t wait until I learned to code. Blogger was the simplest solution because it was completely free (I basically had 0 cash on hand) and didn’t have file limits which was important because I make thumbnails for each article that can get quite big.

If you’re learning to code, just to make a blog go ahead and invest (if you have the cash) in another platform such as squarespace or wordpress. I am a variable becuase I was already bent on learning to code before I had my idea for a tech blog. Blogger was just the best option for me at the time and I’m currently happy with it.

Hope that helps!


Oh and quick word on SEO, as far I know Google does not optimize blogger for SEO so be sure to do research on how to do it yourself.

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And a quick word on your original questions Web developers and designers don’t use blogger as a portfolio page for these general reasons:

  • Blogger builds the website for you which means it’s pointless for web developers since the whole point of web dev is that you write the code yourself.
    *Web designs don’t use it because they often work in WordPress of some other more popular wysiwyg(what you see is what you get(common term for any platform that builds a website for you))) option because of bloggers unpopularity with most people.
  • Many (including my own trash portfolio) use GitHub pages because it allows us to host our static sites for free while giving us flexibility with actual code that we wrote, not the platform.

thanks so much for your explaing your actual experience with blogspot.
and yes the best thing about it, it is totally free but I really do not hope for blogspot to be killed. I dealt with it since 2009 but not as a developer or a tech blog.
and the same here I do not want to pay for hosting so blogspot for me is just choice too.

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but I think creating blogspot template is not so difficult. I even could edit some codes.

so you are using free or paid template? I really like that you started with blogspot. thanks so much for explaining your experience and advises.

Far as I can tell, blogger/blogspot isn’t going away anytime soon. Google doesn’t have a great track record at keeping their non-core services around over the long term though. I suggest not agonizing over it, just pick a hosted service or do your own through github pages or a netlify site or whatever. Since you’re on a programming forum, I’m gonna suggest the latter approaches, which also have the bonus that you can easily pick up your blog and host it elsewhere if you have to.

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I’m using free unfortunately LOL

I suppose your right that it would be simple to edit template (in fact if you wanted you could make a template and sell it later) but most web designers prefer to use their own code or develop for other platforms that are more popular or complicated such as wordpress.

I also agree with what @chuckadams said ,if you want to programm. I use github pages but you can use whatever works for you.

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thanks so much for the advice. since I want to code from scratch and fully control my code and design, I really want to go with github.

thanks so much for your advice. I really do appreciate.

thanks so much for suggesting. best of luck for your tech blog on blogspot.
and thanks so much for giving your opinion.