Why wont this pass!

I’m on the ‘Make Unique Objects by Passing Parameters to our Constructor’ and I think this is correct but it won’t pass.
Can someone please help.

var Car = function(wheels, seats, engines) {
  //Change this constructor
  this.wheels = 4;
  this.seats = 5;
  this.engines = 1;

//Try it out here
var myCar = new Car(2,6,3);

You haven’t used your passed params.

So, this.wheels = 4; should actually be this.wheels = wheels;… and down the line.

What a dumb mistake, didn’t fully read instructions. Thank you for your help.

I made the same one on more than one occasion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No worries.

:roll_eyes: I just spent 15 minutes confused as hell. Didn’t even see that in the instructions