Why would innerHTML output commas?

I have an array of objects but the number of objects varies, so I am using a for loop to create li tags:

let scaleDeg = []
for (let i = 0; i < result[0]["scales"].length; i++) {
  scaleDeg.push(`<li>` + Object.keys(result[0].scales[i]) + ": " + Object.values(result[0].scales[i]) + `</li>`)

Above that loop I set a variable scaleDegrees to an empty string and then I:

scaleDegrees = scaleDeg
document.getElementById('scale-degrees').innerHTML = scaleDegrees;

For some reason, I am getting a comma as a block element in between each list item, but NOT after the last one. It looks similar to the array of objects:

	"Chord": "maj",
	"Intervals": ["1", "3", "5"],
	"steps": [0, 4, 7],
	"Tendency": ["I", "IV"],
	"scales": [
		{ "Major Scale": ["1st", " 4th", " 5th"] },
		{ "Minor Pentatonic": ["2nd"] },
		{ "Blues Scale": ["2nd"] },
		{ "Harmonic Minor": ["5th", "6th"] },
		{ "Melodic Minor": ["4th", "5th"] },
		{ "Augmented": ["1st", "3rd", "5th"] },
		{ "HW Diminished": ["1st", "3rd", "5th", "7th"] },
		{ "Major Bebop": ["1st", "4th", "5th"] },
		{ "Minor Bebop": ["3rd", "5th", "8th"] }

Does anyone know why I would be getting this comma in my HTML, or more importantly, what can I do to get rid of it? Here are 2 screenshots. The first one is the console:


Here is the page:


scaleDeg is an array. innerHTML takes a string. So JS is converting the array to a string for you. It is basically doing this:

['a', 'b', 'c'].toString()

Which results in:


Also, the following:

scaleDegrees = scaleDeg

does convert it to a string, but using the same toString() method. So you still get the inserted commas.

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So in here, how are you expecting scaleDegrees to output, when you set that content? What do you think that variable contains?

I tried to skip that and just use scaleDeg as the variable for innerHTML but I go the same result. So it the problem that it is a string?

I just logged scaleDegrees for a new chord and got the following:

0: "<li>HW Diminished: 1st,3rd,5th,7th</li>"
1: "<li>Major Bebop: 3rd</li>"

So that should be what is outputting to the page but I’m getting I think the commas associated with the scale array (I think).

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Nah. Try explicitly telling JavaScript how you want those elements joined.


If you don’t stipulate how to perform the join (which is what toString is doing), it will default to a comma. But you can tell it what to use instead.


scaleDegrees = scaleDeg.join("")

I would buy uou a beer or a cup of coffee if I could - thanks!

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No worries, glad you figured it out. And keep the devdocs link, it’s a truly useful reference site

I created a huge JavaScript Cheatsheet GitHub repo and I have links to all the MDN docs pages as well aas eamples. I just didn’t realize that it was a string. I should have used typeof on it.

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