Why would work that fulfills the requirement not work on this website's compiler, but is fine when loaded locally & on online playgrounds? [Palindrome Project]

Here is my project that is being rejected across the board on what is being asked of me. I’ve contacted support who say its fine but after persisting problems, I simply don’t know what to do differently to achieve the same result other than completely start over, which feels silly, I feel i’ve already completed this. (just to be clear every single palindrome test case is returning a failure, it must be something Im doing wrong)

Is it just the automatic tests that are failing? Or does the palindrome checker itself not work when you use it on fCC’s code editor?

For the automatic tests, the only thing I can think of is that you have 2 buttons. The automatic tests might just look for one button, and stop once it finds the first button.

If this is the case, your first button doesnt have the correct ID (#check-btn1 instead of #check-btn) and it doesn’t have any functionality. Try removing this first button?

Well, your JS seems to pass for me when I use my own HTML, so I’m guessing you are doing something in the HTML that is confusing the tests.

you may want to link the js and css files correctly, the freecodecamp editor has only those three files.

Can you share here the html and javascript you are submitting?