Why you should play chess?

Hi all, I’ve written this article and hope you find it insightful!

Please give it a read :slight_smile:


Hi @pbiswas101,I don’t know how to play chess but
It’s a nice article I didn’t think chess could have so many benefits.

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Cool! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:.

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Well, you can start practicing on lichess or chess.com and may find it interesting enough to continue playing it! @camcode

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I used to play chess every day in middle school, and that was only because I played off and on when I was a young child as the “Chess Man” came to our class once every few months to teach kids how to play chess. Got me hooked enough to play it instead of running around outside at the time.

I would end up going to “chess camp” for 2 hours or so a few days during the week to play with other kids over the summer. It was good fun. I was no Bobby Fischer, but I was good enough to beat the entry level player most of the time haha.

I never thought about the impacts of playing chess did to my brain haha

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