Width issue in PHP echo'd table with Mysql data

Hi there,

I was able to create a CRUD application (PHP MySQL CRUD Application - Tutorial Republic) with all data . The data is echo’d from a mysql database into a table.

Now, with all the data loaded, the table is much to wide. see heinzpol.com :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Can somebody help me with adjustements so that the columns are of normally width on a desksop/laptop screen? :grinning:

What do you think is causing some of the columns to be so wide?

Hi, yes I think it’s the content. But I cannot manage to get the cutoff. Tried it with “width” variable in table header but I think the bootstrap is overriding that??

Yes, it is. Have you looked at the size of some of the images?

You’ve got a ton of information in this table. I’m not sure it’s feasible that you are going to be able to fit all of the columns in a standard desktop view. But if you want to try and narrow the table down a little the you are going to have to figure out a way to make those images smaller.

Ok thanks. That makes sense. :grin:I will remove the images because it’s a translation page, so only the text is needed. Will see what’s happens than. Thanks in advance!

I’ve deleted the images and the table is much better. But still have the question how I can manage to set the width of the columns. They are in a wrapper —>container—>row