Wiki Viewer feedback

Hello all,

I finished my wikipedia viewer and I would love to hear your feedback.


I get an autosearch dropdown for 3 letters (app when I’m typing apple) and then it disappears.
I like that your enter key works, but some people need a button… it’s a thought.

Apple brings down a nice list.

Hawaii royalty does not show anything. The reason is that there is no wikipedia page for that phrase. There are stubs, if you search wiki with that phrase you will see what I mean. The stubs return from suggestions in the api. You could also give a message stating that page does not exist. Either way, there should some response for the user.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for your feedback

I’m using action=opensearch instead of action=query because the latter returns some weirdly formatted string. The problem with the former is that it only searches titles. So that’s why it returned noting. But you are right it should say that the page does’t exist.

About the search button. I will think about it. I would like it to be seamless with the text box so I have to fiddle with it.