Wiki viewer finished?

Hello campers! I recently got to a point that i’m pretty happy with for the wikipedia viewer. I was wondering if any of you had any feedback for me on this or if you notice anything that would make this more professional?

Great work! From a user’s perspective I like the fact that it has a pleasant appearance without being too flashy. It also displays the results quickly and the way the results get highlighted when you put the cursor on them is great. It also loads quickly which is another plus. Lovely!

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Nice :thumbsup:! But I’d avoid expanding the results vertically on hover. It can get disorienting when I run the cursor across the results.

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Thanks for the feedback! Should I just leave it so that it highlights with just the red? What I really wanted to do was a subtle animation that like makes it pop out just a tad more.

@NickWright The red color does seem a bit too harsh on the eyes. I am not good with visual stuff but IMO some color like white or yellow (which contrasts with the gray) may be a better choice.