Wiki viewer task

Hey coders,
Would love some feedback on my wikipedia viewer. Constructive criticism would be valued. Thanks in advance.

Looks nice. I have a little feedback on the css side:

  1. I would set cursor: pointer on the buttons to show that they can be clicked.

  2. To make you css easier to navigate later on when you have stylesheets with more lines; I would have the html elements (html, body, button etc) at the top. If you come back to a project later on and have forgotten that you added/changed a style for all button elements (for example), it can be quite hard to understand why your new button is behaving in a way that you didn’t expect. If they are all at the top, you have a place that can easily find them and any global changes you have previously made. You could also create your own button class to avoid altering every button element, which is what I tend to do.

Other than that, well done :slight_smile:

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Great points thanks for the feedback