Wikipedia challenge need some help

Hello guys/girls, I’m almost done with this challenge, but I have 2 issues I would like your help with, first I don’t know why but I don’t get data from api only on my current PC(I’m at work now, chrome version 39) and I just can’t figure out what’s it problem, from home or mobile I do get all the needed info. and second if you check my pen you will probably notice little empty button on the right side of the page, I have no idea were it came from and refuse to believe it isn’t codepen bug, so maybe you will be able to notice were is my mistake?

P.S you should get data after entering search word and pressing enter, I wonder if it will display properly for you and would like to get feedback about that as well.

Edit… Fixed both issues, second one was just syntax mistake as for first one looks like a lot of browsers don’t support Object.values() method unlike Object.keys() so I had to change it… if anyone has same issue in future and ends up here you can check this link from stackoverflow

you forgot to the / in your closing button eg </button> you have <button>
getting search results shown on page but not on each letter

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Thanks a lot fixed button issue.

After clicking on “click here for a random article”. New tab opened to a random Wikipedia’s article.

that’s how it should be isn’t it?

I think so. But what was your first issue then(api-pc)? Is everything working now?

my issue was when I pushed enter after writing search word, retrieved data wasn’t displaying below search on the page, only from my work PC. it works from all other devices, I wanted to check if others had the same issue.