Wikipedia Project - Feedback Request

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Would love some feedback, I am actually really happy with this project. This is the first one that I actually look back on and see the progress I have made since Nov 28, 2016 when I started up. I am happy with the way this looks on mobile and on a desk top. I would like to fix the scrolling and make smoother on mobile. But baby steps.

My wife and I plan on moving to Seattle later in the year and I want to switch from Helpdesk support to Web Development. I am really digging the java script parts once I wrapped my head around the basics. Its incredibly relaxing. So hopefully with more time studying like I have been, I can take some steps in that direction.

Looks really good. Everything works as it should. Two tips, 1. Make sure you include a head tag in your html with the title. 2. You may want to add a footer to the page. But thats it, keep up the good work :slight_smile: