Wikipedia project review please


Hi all,

If possible, could i have a bit of feedback on my wikipedia search app before i move on?




Hey, very nice! :slight_smile:

I had only one problem… In my Firefox, the “Suprise me” button didn’t work. I tested in Google Chrome and works fine!

The FF console didn’t show any error. :confused:

One more suggestion: when there’s no result, you can write “No results for ‘xyz’” or something like that.

Congratulations again, great job!

Great job. :slight_smile: Loved your idea. as Wikipedia is almost like google of articles.

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thanks for that, i didn’t catch that bug.

Fixed now, its not really a bug. It was my bad mark up. HTML5 forbids putting anchors in button elements but most browsers let you get away with it. Fixed by converting button to a div and styling to match. I’ll look at search errors later too.



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Sorted the error handling this morning too, so all good :slight_smile:

thanks for your suggestions.


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Looks great…i also implemented a google like design for my Wikipedia viewer,you can check out what i have done here.But i think you have done a better job than i did.Excellent!:+1:

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Great minds think alike :+1:

almost exactly the same arent they. I like the way your search header changes with the result.

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looks cute, i like it :smiley:

haha…i can’t say for sure i have a great mind or not but i am getting there :smiley: .As far as the search header thing is concerned,I tried to copy google’s UI almost exactly so that’s what you get.:slight_smile:

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Hey, I realize it’s been a while since you posted this, but just wanted to say that you did an awesome job with the styling. There is a little issue with some markup in firefox (see attached pic), but beside that, it’s as clean and comforting as the big “G”.

Hi @bmbaron,

thanks for the comments!

I fixed the layout bug too, thanks for spotting that :thumbsup:

Good deal, best of luck to ya! :grin: