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My name is Enis and I’m from Montenegro. I am passionate about programming and because of that I really appreciate your feedback. Here is my Wikipedia Search, please tell what you are thinking about this, is there anything wrong or could I do this on some better way.

Regards from Montenegro

Seems to work fine to me. I didn’t see any change / anything happen when I clicked the magnifying glass for a search term. Truth be told, I didn’t think the results displayed would change since the results displayed as I typed anyways.

I didn’t check out your code as I am still working on this project myself, but I kindof like that the results displayed change as I type. I did find that if I backspaced that the results remained displayed for the first 3 characters even after I deleted those characters. Just something I noticed.

Regards from the United States! :smiley: Hope this was useful somehow.


Thanks a lot for your feedback. Yes, when search icon is clicked nothing is happening, I put that only to indicate search box, not because of functionality because results appears on “keyup” event. Thanks for noticing “the backspace issue” I’m gonna try to fix it. When you finish post link to your project so I can learn other ways to do this.

Once again, thanks a lot for replying…
Kind regards from Montenegro :slight_smile:

Hey, I like your wiki project, especially the clean layout and styling of the input search field. I did notice that when an article is clicked, I am taken to the corresponding Wikipedia link while remaining inside your codepen site. That’s fine, but when I go “back” with my browser, I find myself back at your wiki project (with my search still typed in), but the search results are no longer displayed. Wasn’t sure if that was intentional. In my opinion, it’d be better to see the search results again when returning to the search page. Cool look, you gave me some ideas for making mine more “hip and swaggy”.

Hey, thanks for feedback. Yes, you are right about that, it was a bug, i forgot to put target attribute to be equal “_blank” on link node. Thanks for noticing that. Share the link when you finish project I am interested to see how you gonna do that.

Best regards from Montenegro :hand_splayed:

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No problem, glad you were able to fix it! Feel free to take a look at mine: I need to tidy it up more, but if you see anything that doesn’t work or looks bad, let me know! Thanks

I will definitely post a link when it’s done. :slight_smile: Glad to help!

I did check your project. It seems fine, works great, simple and clean design, I like that way of styling. I think that fixed search box is not maybe best solution because when scrolling it is hiding some stuff on screen but that’s just my opinion, everything else is really good.

Hey! Thanks for checking it out. I took your advice and made the search box swing out of the way once the wikipedia entries are loaded. Good luck!