Wikipedia Viewer API

I am working on the Wikipedia Viewer API and unable to get the result after clicking the search button.

Me too, I don’t know what is the problem. :confused:

Hey Sneha, you are calling the click function on the form input(#searchTerm) instead of the search button(#search) .

$("#searchTerm").click(function() { ..}

Just change it to

$("#search").click(function() {..}


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hi arjun its not working either way
can you help what could be the other possible way

It works but you have to enter valid search terms. For some search terms the api response is empty.Try common search terms like apple

YA it worked thanks☺
Is it possible to get the answer when i press enter key also
For now im getting the answer only when i click the search button

This should help…Jquery form submit event

nice document thanks
one more query the current page shows the result only after some delay. Is it possible that i can get the result instatntly…apart from using AngularJS do you have any suggestions…?