Wikipedia viewer app: bizarre behavior!

I’m getting some very strange behavior from my Wikipedia viewer applet as you can see here. Sometimes, the console shows the search going through as intended, other times I get no response, and yet other times it causes all my HTML to disappear! I’m currently trying to pin this issue down before I worry about sorting through the data and making it presentable, but the erratic behavior has me confused–especially the bit about the page disappearing. The discussion I’ve found on stackoverflow and the like with googling are about misapplications of the jQuery’s hide() or about its intentional uses. The console isn’t giving me any errors to go off of, either.

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I think it’s about it being a cross-domain GET request and jQuery not handling the request as jsonp. Sorry I can’t help more.

Were you able to solve the issue? I have similar issues and am almost sure it is cross-domain issues.