Wikipedia Viewer challenge feedback

Hello everyone!

I just finished the Wikipedia Viewer challenge and I would appreciate if you could provide some feedback.

I have tried to provide a nice style to it but I am unsure about wether the overall quality is good enough. (It does fulfill the user stories, but I was wondering if it needs any further improvement towards portfolio building),

Here’s the link.

Thank you very much for your input!!


I notice a strange effect when I mouseover the magnifying glass after the text box has opened up. When I mouseover the magnifying glass, the hover effect on the magnifying glasses causes the elements around it to shift slightly. The border-width: 2px; takes up space between the elements causing this shifting effect.

You should correct this, because it makes your page move around unnecessarily.

See below if you can not figure out a solution:

  background: #99D3DF;
  box-shadow: 1px 2px 5px black;
  border-width: 2px; <!-- makes the space for the border present -->
  border-color:transparent;  <!-- makes border invisible -->

  background: #88BBD6;
  border-style: solid;
  border-color: black;  <!-- changes the color of the border -->