Wikipedia Viewer Completed! Please tell me what you think!

Hi Everyone,

Based on few valuable feedback, I have completly redesigned my Wikipedia Viewer.

Please have a look at it and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

If I type in a word like “hello”, I get results which is great. If I do not refresh the page and type in some kind of garbage like “dsgjg lgdlskg lgd”, nothing happens and the original results for “hello” are still showing. You need to display a message like “Did not find any results” instead of showing the previous results. A user may think something is wrong with your app, because nothing happens.

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Wow, I really missed that part. Thanks a lot for highlighting. I am right on to fix the flaw. :robot:

Hi Randell,

I have redesigned my Wikipedia Viewer.
Appreciate your thoughts on it. :slight_smile: