Wikipedia Viewer [COMPLETED]

Hello Campers,

I just finished Free Code Camp’s Wikipedia Viewer app. It is written only in HTML, CSS and JS.
Any and all criticism or positive feedback is welcome, I appreciate any time or comment made because I understand how much of an “extra-mile” it takes to get feedback for your app. :slightly_smiling_face:



@simongjetaj Great work! Here’s what I noticed:

You may want to use semantic HTML for the footer, <footer> and maybe the main container, <main>. Here’s a reference link:

Also, you are styling IDs, which some frown upon:

You may be using qualified selectors (div#footer), but I’m not sure if that’s really an issue here:

The rest looks perfect to me! I’ll definitely come back to this for reference when I’m working on my Wikipedia project. :grinning:

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Thanks for writing @camper. I appreciate your feedback and perspective.
Semantic tags are very important, I kinda forgot about them. And I learned more about using id selectors in css. :+1:


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Code looks great!

I’d delete line 21, though:

querySelector('#searchItem').value = '';

The search query acts as a kind of “title” for the search results and reminds the user how they got there. Deleting it doesn’t seem to serve any purpose other than disorienting the user.

Thanks for your comment and suggestion @lionel-rowe. :+1:
Now that I think about it and after reading also this forum discussion ( I totally agree.