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Just finished my wikipedia viewer. I’m kinda proud of it but I’m sure it is not perfect. Want to know what you think :slight_smile:

Thank in advance :wink:


Really liked the UX, works like a charm.

Just some small improvements, in my opinion.
If I query and the wiki API returns no articles , would be good to tell the user that no articles were found, instead of returning a list of undefined elements.

Second once I query an article, I can not query again without refreshing the page.

In terms of code, in the JS code would be cleaner if you append the articles inside a loop.

Those are just small details.
Your project is good!

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Hi :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

I actually thought of a loop to append the articles, but then thought it’s only 10 so let’s do it the easy way :smiley:

I will try to deal with your remarks as soon as I’m done with the TwitchTV API integration.

Thanks again for your feedback

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