Wikipedia Viewer Feedback microbay/david

I have my wikipedia viewer going… had some issues with form submittal and I just can’t get the 3rd link to display under further reading.

Wikipedia Viewer

It is functionally great

Logic is sound it was working good, could def use some CSS work. :slight_smile: but other than that works solid. Also I would love to have a way to toggle my results=5, 10 30 etc . or another page!

Yes css refactor.

l also had big problems trying to implement any kind of drop down menu. I was going to put results in a drop down menu on navbar but when I tried to go off of bootstrap w3scholols or mdn examples incouldnt get it to work. The menus would stay static and not open.

I ended up having to copy paste some script and css from one example in w3schools and modify it.

I had originally implemented an iframe where the random page would populate an iframe I wanted to populate results in a drop down menu in the navbar and click those to view in of fame. I heard some scary things about iframes though sec vulnerability and style issues.