Wikipedia Viewer _ feedback

Hi everyone,
I just finished my wiki viewer. My image is not as centered as I would like, I had to do some tweaking with the padding but I already tried the margin left and margin-right auto, but it does not seem to work. if any can suggest another way I would be appreciated.

I added text-align: center; to the img's parent. I also remove all padding and margin from the img's .scss. (code below)

You can cut and paste the inline-style to your .scss.

Alternatively you can use Flexbox on the parent div. (css-tricks flexbox explanation)

Your search results are not links to the wikipedia pages. Not sure if it is a design decision.

    <div class="column column-block" style="text-align: center;">
      <h2 style="padding-top: 20px;padding-bottom: 20px;" align="center">What will you find today, the possibilities are endless</h2>
      <img src="" alt=""> 

img {
  // margin-left:auto;
  // margin-right:auto;
  // text-align:center;
  // padding-top:40px;
  // padding-left:150px;
  // padding-right:-20px;

Functionally it works really well good work.
However I would suggest changing the font to something a bit easier on the eye

@LetsZiggy Thanks for the suggestions and help. As far as, the search results I want it to show up on the page, not as a separate link. The random article like is the only one that goes to another page.

thank you,

thank you for you feedback I will take it under consideration.