Wikipedia Viewer--My thoughts...CC welcom

First, here’s the pen:

My thoughts…I decided to experiment with a monochromatic color scheme. Sure, the “entry” divs are a bit of a departure, but it was late last night and after dealing with a marginally unsuccessful production deployment at work this week I was exhausted–but determined to finish the project.

The second thing I noticed was my quickness to fall back on jQuery. I initially set out to do this project with ES6 only–easy enough, yet when things weren’t going like I wanted them to, I switch to jQuery since I learned that a long time ago and am more comfortable there. Turns out the problem was that I was trying to include an iFrame in the wikipediaContent div that was causing problems with my javascript in general. Couldn’t find a reason behind it as I dug, but removing the iFrame fixed the issues. I just never pulled jQuery back out because, as I said, it’s been a long week and I was determined to get this project working.

The colors are fun. I almost thought I was playing an 80s videogame. :beers:

Only real CC is look into CSS flex box for laying out elements on the page. It works well for one line navigation bars and that type of thing.

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I will. Thanks! I typically do this sort of thing in Bootstrap but was trying to go it completely alone.