Wikipedia viewer - what could be improved?

Good day everyone,
I’ve completed the Wiki viewer app!

There were moments where I felt like giving up on thinking and dragging my lazy brain to the forums to ask for help - yet I stepped over it, and made everything work by carefully studying it.

So, a couple of questions with lengthy explanations to them:

First - what could be improved, optimized in terms of good code?
I had to abuse a weird glitch - missing a closing bracket after one of the opening ‘div-column’ elements puts the rest of my code inside and creates actual space around it.
Without doing that… margins are absent for reasons unknown. Container doesn’t do anything, adding separate columns to the sides is to no result, without margins it looks ugly.
From what’s available to me in terms of testing, it looks great in Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Edge - both fullscreen and half-screen. What’s the chances of something breaking in, say, IE or from mobile?
I’m pretty sure this is Bulma-specific or I messed up somewhere with an extra div, so not bothering you by asking for a solution. Let it just be there.

Second - this is a Bare Minimum version, just enough to pass the user stories, and there’s going to be an Extended one later on.
I already have ideas for the Random Quote app and Weather app Extended editions - connecting more social nets to repost the quotes to, with images or without - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest; pulling out data like humidity/wind/visibility and making a global switch from mm to inch, kmph to mph, km to miles.
But for the Wiki viewer… what else could be done? Or where would I look for ideas on how to improve an app like that?
It’s already quite lightweight, JS being 30-40 lines of code long.
Fast-working, so if something loads long - it must be the API or the Internet. Earlier this day, mine had the request pending for over 10 seconds when lags occurred, and right now it’s an instant response.
No ridiculous bugs found so far, at least from the browsers I was able to test with.
So what’s to add? Auto-complete to a common word/phrase when you’ve typed a letter or two from it, like Google does? Creating a log/array with a history of your requests in it, so it suggests those first? Or else.

Any honest, rough, friendly feedback is appreciated. And the best part of figuring out how all the code in your app works - I’m able to explain what every line does, if something’s unclear!