Will Companies mind that my Portfolio Site utilizes an HTML Template?

Hi everyone,

Given that September and October are two of the best months for applying for jobs, I want to send out applications. I still feel like I can improve in some areas (learning better UI/UX design concepts and frameworks such React and Angular), but I don’t want that to deter me from sending out applications.

My current portfolio site, however, looks too clunky as I have not touched it since first creating it (at least not to improve the aesthetics). You can find the site at alanmhernandez.com. So I have started looking into using attractive HTML templates that’ll make it look nice. My question then is: do Web Development hiring managers care if I use a template for my design? Will they even examine my site’s code?

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If you’re going to apply for job that requires design skills, then i would design portfolio myself. But if you’re gonna be back-end developer, then i would just provide github link. Just my two cents. Good luck!

For front-end jobs, I would assume they could “smell” a template site a mile a way. If your template site is extremely complex and then they ask you to implement a feature your website has in another project while they are watching, you better not just copy/paste. You better understand how every single line of code in your template works. That is why it is better for front-end work that your site reflects what you truly understand how to implement.