Will FCC ever have a "premium" or "pro" system?

I just visited code academy, which I haven’t done in years, and noticed they now have a “pro” version where content is hidden behind a monthly pay-wall. Do you think FCC would ever go that route and how do you feel about coding instruction being gated behind a pay wall?

On one hand, I understand the site is a business and needs to make money. On the other, pay gates seem counter-intuitive to the mission statements many coding/programming teaching sites are born alongside.

I can’t really speak for Quincy, but I would expect a move in this direction to be extremely unlikely.

I just don’t think Quincy is really wired that way - and he just had a small pop at Coursera on Twitter about their free tier throttling.


Nope. If you want to give money to Free Code Camp, you’ve got to buy merch.

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@ArielLeslie and @JacksonBates already said this, but just to make sure it’s official: no, we will never charge for freeCodeCamp’s curriculum, nor will we paywall it or have “pro” features. You can read more about this here: https://medium.freecodecamp.com/welcome-to-the-abundance-economy-there-are-free-lunches-all-over-the-place-b9d0a417fd1a#.h2lqmix8p


FreemiumCodeCamp? lol

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@QuincyLarson I want you to know what a complete Godsend FCC is for me! I am excited to wake up for the first time in my 5 decades! I switched from CodeCademy’s paywall thingy to here, simply because I ran out of money - but I desperately need skills so I can earn a living again.

FCC is a life saver!

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That Is the main reason I like freecodecamp. You don’t have to pay a buck in order to learn how to be a Web developer


I understand this is an old topic, but, I wonder if FCC, by using Medium, can control what’s being paywalled, or not.

For example, today Medium decided to paywall this FCC article to me.

Original URL cannot be posted, but here is the path after the domain name.

Will FCC consider hosting its content somewhere else to avoid the Medium paywall?

Dan Abramov also wrote about this: https://medium.com/@dan_abramov/why-my-new-blog-isnt-on-medium-3b280282fbae

I understand both sides.

Seems like there’s a fair bit of backlash against Medium’s practices lately. Hacker Noon is also imminently moving away from the platform and has spoken out about it.

I’m not sure what would be a suitable alternative for fCC though. Having a blog on Medium is great for outreach, and there are few other platforms for long-form content that offer that kind of visibility/network effect. If Hacker Noon’s new strategy really takes off, they might even become a competitor to Medium in their own right… but it’s far too early to say, given that they haven’t even made the switch on their own site yet.

As far as I can tell, Medium has started denying access to FCC articles inconsistently for different users. I assume that they do some sort of limit on how many free articles they will let you see within a time period. The article you reference, for example, does not show up as paywalled for me. I know that FCC never intentionally paywalls any of their content. If you look at the News tab on FCC, you’ll see that they have begun expirimenting with their own tool for serving articles. I don’t know what the long-term plan is regarding Medium and/or the FCC News page but I’m sure that Quincy et al. are far from pleased about some of the FCC articles being restricted.