Will FCC help me to become a web app pen tester

Hello :slight_smile:
i don’t know if this a good question to be asked
but i want to be a web app pen tester
will FCC help me in this and what other resources you recommend

There’s nothing in the curriculum specifically about pen testing, but if you want to know about web pen testing and don’t know how websites are built, then you can learn that here first.

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i already know HTML-CSS-HTML5_CSS3-JS
do you know good resources to do after FCC

This will give you a little guidance on what areas to pursue next, Technical skills beginner pentesters need

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thanks :slight_smile:

Start using Kali Linux and sniff out some Kali forums. You could also play around with hackthissite.org to get a feel for some of the methods and skills you’ll need. If I recall correctly, they focus on some basic, outdated stuff, but it could be a start to see how well suited you are to it.

You should also be reading security blogs like Krebs and Schneier.

thanks :heart: what do you think in pentesterlab.com

I’ve never seen pentesterlab before. I should point out, I’m not a pro, these are just resources I’ve heard of :slight_smile:

This popped up on hacker news today: https://highon.coffee/blog/penetration-testing-tools-cheat-sheet/

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