Will my inability to type fast stop me from getting a job?

Hello, all. I’m very early on in my programming journey. I have a physical disability which stops me from being able to type quickly. I’m definitely not slow, but I would say I’m slower than the average human being. I just want to know before I get too into this if there’s any hope of being employed in the future, or if I should only do this as a hobby.

In your experience do I need to worry about this?


Not if you can deliver the code in time. Typing code fast doesn’t make it more correct and if you can’t solve a problem it doesn’t really matter how fast you don’t solve it.

Typing speed is slightly overrated in my opinion and for a lot of things, it is often handled automatically (like imports or whatnot). If you get GitHub Copilot it can help you as well.

If your writing is slower but more precise it might be a win and not a loss. Debugging fat-fingered code is often much worse than debugging logic errors.


Thank you for answering my question.
I’m glad to hear. I really enjoy doing this and I’d like to potentially pursue it as a career. Thank you.

I agree with lasjorg completely. Also, there are lots of tools these days to help us “type” code without actually typing each key, including Emmet (built into VS Code) and code snippet extensions that you can add-on to VS Code. I would go so far as to say this will be a non-issue for you if you decide to pursue coding as a career.

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