Will not pass even if code is correct

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// Setup

I have actually tried several times to learn coding here on both the html and java, i get to lesson 3 and it will not pass me. The html is frustrating because I can actually use the link on my preview yet it still won't pass me. I can link to cat photos in a new page with my eyes closed though! lol
// Only change code below this line
var a;
myVar = 7;

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Challenge: Storing Values with the Assignment Operator

Link to the challenge:

Welcome to the Forums :wave:

You have to assign 7 to a, instead you assigned 7 to myVar.

You are free to get help from the forums if you are stuck in any step.

Hi thank you! I appreciate the fast response.

lol! Thank you! Amazing what can be done when one asks for help.

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