Will Obtaining a Java Certification Be Valuable to My Career?

just want to know java certification is useful or not for my career growth

Learning javascript will of course be useful for your career growth

first, post this on the forum category called “Carrer Advice”, this topic covers only technical questions related to JavaScript.
second, Java or JavaScript? there’s a big difference between the two
if you mean JavaScript then of course yes, in today’s world it’s really valuable to have programming skills, for any carreer, JS is particularly good for web development, which makes it even better, employers better ask their workers to build sites rather than hiring someone else.
but remember that the certification here isn’t enough, you’d need to go read a lot of documentation and have certifications also on web development here and build projects to show what your’e capable of
hope i helped :slight_smile:

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I don’t think Java is taught in freecodecamp, JavaScript is. Your programming will add much more value than your certificates, the projects in freecodecamp need you to really put in effort.

thanks for your suggestion…