Will sites like Wix and Carrd take over web developer's job

I’m concerned about whether or not web development will still be relevant when site builders are now widely available. What do you think? Will site builders take over web developers who focuses on making landing pages?

Nope. Builders let you build more old things. Programming lets you build new things.


That’s a nice thought, but I’m speaking from the perspective of a web developer is thinking of specializing in building landing pages. What separates a custom made landing page to a builder’s landing page

If you want to specialize in doing only things that can currently be automated, then yes, your work will probably be automated. But web dev is much, much more than making landing pages.


That’s a nice thought to have, But without going in depth into back end, how can one really make a site stand out from other builder sites?

I’m just trying to contrast landing page coded by hand and wix and the pros and cons. But definitely, web dev is more deeper than landing page

There will always be demand for front-end developer.

Building static website it’s just a drop of what’s expected from a FE developer, and services like WordPress gave the power to build website to anyone way before sites builders.

Yet FE developer still is a job in demand today. The reason?
For many non-trivial website you need functionality that goes way beyond presenting information and collecting some form details.

Just think about Google, sure some of their websites are mainly static “representational” pages, but many others are highly interactive, rich of feature applications.

But even without reaching that level of complexity, there will always be websites that wants to stand out from the crowd and will aim for a custom feels and design.
Thinking of Apple landing page, it’s a “presentation” website, yet the design, animation and “feel” require engineering works.


There won’t be much perceptible difference because landing pages are generally just a marketing tool. Tools that allow non-developers to build them are a good thing (same with things like email builder tools).

A landing page generally is there to convert views and clicks into money by providing some information. It doesn’t normally need much development – what it normally needs is to be simple and give the owners the ability to modify it and test whether changes convert more money. And that’s all marketing. It might involve design, but that’s not web development.

You’re missing @JeremyLT’s point a little bit I think – you’re saying you want to specialise in producing landing pages, but that job can be easily automated. To be a wet blanket: there isn’t really a huge need for developers to do that (maybe 10-15 years ago you could have made a living off it, I think you’d be very hard pressed to do that now). Automated tools exist, social media exists, simple-to-use marketing analytics software exists. Building tools to do it (for example something that allows marketers to easily build out variations of landing pages and a/b test for conversions): that’s development and that’s useful.

If you’re talking about something that isn’t just a marketing page, then the site builder tools often can’t provide most of the things a developer can. Take, for example, the Google homepage. The development work is to do with things like “how can this be as fast as possible”, “how can search results come back very quickly and be relevant”, “how can we autocomplete search queries based on similar questions being asked in the local area”, “how can we use data stored on your previous searches to tailor results to you”, etc. A site builder doesn’t answer these questions, a developer does.


@DanCouper @Marmiz @JeremyLT @Bharathkreddy
Thank you all for repsonding. I think I assumed a front end developer job goes so far as wix, while it goes much deeper. I think I need to learn more skills to prove I can biuild more than a wix site.

Yes, here are the requirements for the first “Front End Developer” job listing in my area at Indeed.com

  • At least 3 years of experience as a Web Developer in a professional environment
  • Advanced knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Experience using CSS Preprocessors like SASS or LESS
  • Knowledge of CSS Frameworks
  • JavaScript and jQuery skills
  • Expert at Responsive Web Design
  • A solid understanding of how Content Management Systems work (preferably WordPress)
  • Experience with PHP
  • Experience using version control tools like git
  • Basic understanding of SEO principles
  • Technical Communication Skills

And honestly, most of them load on a lot more than that.

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Thanks mate, will need to learn this skills