Will there be more classes added for more than just WebDev

I browsed through the courses and what I saw seems like it all web development. so… will there be more courses dealing with other branches of software development ie mobile apps, game dev, desktop apps etc.

in short nope. if you really want to learn native application, games, desktop, IOT… udemy is a good choice, just pay 10-20USD for these courses.

To date, FCC has been specifically focused on web development. As far as I know, the only major curriculum expansion that is on the horizon is a Python course.

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How far away is this python course cause that I would be interested in.

I don’t know. I’m not involved in that project. It’s a very long process though to go through all the stages of planning, development, testing and revising - especially when you are built mostly by volunteers. The only I think I know is that a python curriculum is in active development.