Will this work for me?

Hi. Massive procrastinator here.

I’ve been learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript all over the place for some months now. But I’ve never done any real projects besides some basic exercises and webpages.

I’m thinking of paying for the Fullstack Javascript Techdegree on Treehouse. I’m not thinking about enrolling for learning, I can learn their stuff anywhere, but mainly to force myself to do some projects as fast as possible. I only have money for 3 or 4 months, so that will put pressure on me, which I really need because without pressure I don’t do stuff (I’m an INTP). Do you guys think this is a good idea? Are those projects enough for an entry-level job? I’ve been postponing the projects on frecodecamp for months. I really need the pressure. Cheers.

Welcome to freecodecamp @ovichs! :smiley:

Probably the answers to your question will be mostly based on each one own’s perspective, in any case i do not think it will be a good idea.
I’d first try to join some people and start a project with them so you can apply a different degree of pressure based on your situation^^

Chingu (Chingu - Medium) is a great place to start, and it is free! :wink:

Other than that you can simply create your own project (or ask someone else to create a ‘plan’ based on your idea ) and then ask fellow learners/appicants to join you. The project will include deadlines so you should be able to have that bit of pressure you need, maybe.

My two cent obviously :slight_smile:

Sorry, this doesn’t make sense. Think about it, really. But I get what you mean.

So what happens when you find a job? If nobody like a superior/leader/manager is constantly nagging you or looking over your shoulder, you won’t be doing your job?

What happens if you’re working from home/telecommuting? No boss around? so no work done?

I would look at what interests you right now, and use that as your diving force to make a project.

Positive reinforcement will be better than negative ones.

Interested in cars? Do a car-related project/website. Interested in craft beers? A review/ranking site for craft beers. etc. etc.

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Haha. Sorry, I wasn’t clear on the pressure thing. When I said pressure I didn’t mean someone nagging me. Deadlines are more than enough for me, real actual deadlines, that is, not some deadline that I concreted myself and can easily postpone it, which is exactly what I did the last year with all my projects.

Positive reinforcement almost never works for me, believe I’ve tried it all my life. The thing is working out the things in my mind is more than enough reward for me. That’s why I don’t do stuff, because in my mind I’ve already figured it out. I know that sounds so lame, because successful people are the ones who get the things done, not the ones who think about them. But I’ve always been that way and I’m trying so hard to get things done. Thats why I want to pay, to put the pressure of deadlines on me. Does that make more sense?

Thanks for your answer!

I’m about 40% of the way thru Team Treehouses Front-End TechDegree. I would highly recommend there TechDegrees and the projects associated with them. There curriculum will prepare you for the projects. I have had a very enjoyable experience with it.

Don’t take this the wrong way, just trying to play devil’s advocate here.

Isn’t paying for a remote course/degree also similar to self-imposing deadlines? Sure, in this case, if you don’t do it the money you paid will all be wasted; but apart from that there’s really nothing to stop you from giving up if you want. I guess what I’m trying to say is, you can’t buy self discipline. If you can’t hold yourself accountable to a deadline, my experience is, no one can.

I don’t mean this as you should not pay and enroll. If that’s what you wanna do after consideration, by all means and all the power to you. And heck, maybe you will thrive from taking this course. I’m writing this only as an attempt to provide a different angle; do you actually need the course? Can paying for a course really solve this problem of yours? Cheers.