Will you help me out? Trying to fill this customized CV for an interview for a fullstack position

I just got a call from an offer which I recently applied , I chatted for some minutes with HR and I think I might have a chance of landing the job.

So that’s why I ask for help. I have been asked by the recruiter to send them a filled CV template they emailed me, this are the questions I am supposed to fill;

  • Education (should I add freeCodeCamp here, or in the “Complementary education” section?)

-Tools, methodology, and tech ecosystem (this one I think it’s easier. I’ll just throw a bunch of buzzwords)

-Profesional Experience (this one I doubt a lot what should I put. I obviously don’t have professional experience in coding. But in the offer they said they were looking for people with 2 years of experiencing building projects, which I more or less can say I have)

-Complementary education


Any advice will be appreciated! Wish me luck!

Hey there,

congrats on the opportunity!

One skill that increases self-confidence and reputation is to be/become a pro-active person.

That’s why I invite you to share your filled CV (without personal data like name) so that we can have a look at it and make suggestions afterwards.

Looking forward to it!

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Sure. Basically I haven’t had any problem filling the technologies and methodology part, as well as the Complementary education part.

But I’m kind of confused what I should.put in “professional summary” and “professional experience”.

I basically deleted the space for the “professional experience” part because if I write something there I would be lying lol (never had a coding job), but what about “professional summary”? In there I have written “developed and deployed to apps using Node.js”. So that’s probably a little dull right? Any idea in what could I add without lying lol?

So let’s say you would be the recruiter.
How would you think about a person who has removed this part?
What would you recommend to this person?

I would think that that means he has no professional experience

Alright, so what would you recommend to this person?

That we are looking for people with some professional experience but he should apply again in the future once be has some.

Professional experience doesn’t always mean a formal job. It can be volunteer work, hobbies, etc that give you the experience you need to do the job offered. Obviously there was something in your initial application that indicated to the hiring person that you had some level of experience. Think about what that was on your application - projects you’ve done over the year(s), open source projects you’ve contributed to, etc. Write that up. That IS professional experience.

So you mentioned that you already built some stuff.

Can you come up with some ideas how to make them look professional?