Will you rate this website I made for a client?

I created this website for a client of mine. Everything is made from scratch. Pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I used NodeJS for the backend.

On a scale of 1-10, will you rate it and explain your rating? I am not really a designer. Also, the about page does not exist, just a heads up.

The website is here:

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Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m a web dev noob, so I don’t have a bunch of technical advice to give, but I can at least give you a couple of small feedback pieces.

I’d rate the site as 7/10.

First thing that hit me was the big picture of ice cream - I mean I actually felt like it smacked me in the face with its brightness and size. Maybe tone the size of the pic down a little and give it margins instead of full-page width?

Next, I thought the company name in the top left didn’t match color-wise and so stuck out awkwardly. Maybe find a complimenting color to bring it and the darker blue more together? Also, the sno-cream story looks unfinished as far as style and font.

I liked the clean and simple border-radiuses on the bottom three pics, but I noticed all the menu pics on the second page didn’t have the same format. I also thought all the menu items could benefit from something like a CSS grid that is centered to bring the page in for a more fleshed-out look.

Your about link doesn’t work. Maybe not done yet?

I hope this helps. Thanks for sharing and good luck! :vulcan_salute:

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Thank you for your feedback!


I read the “about” section not being finished AFTER I posted, so my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great job! I actually like it very much!

What’s the reasoning behind the tool tips upon clicking menu items?

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The Site is Good , I’lol Rate 7.5 / 10 , and you will Al’s make my personal website if you are willing ?

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