Will you <strong>PLEASE</strong>critique my noob work?

i wanted it to be a tribute page in the form of a personal portfolio but im not done just wanted expert eyes showing me what layers i can take away.


this is the third time ive taken a break from fcc and come back and i always get in the middle of the javascript lessons and somehow fall out lol.

so now im trying to just be different about it. i made this as best as a can in about i guess 7 hours learning everything over and making it as responsive as possible and learn some new stuff. i get so far then i rewrite everything over and get so far and rewrite everything over so i can try to retain how i get there. If you will look at my code and give me some advice on how to make it all simplier I would be thankful.


Otherwise looks pretty nice. :slight_smile: Maybe move the person a bit downward as Ash kinda floats in mid air for me.

EDIT:: Also the font is terrible. Use something more readable.


Nice, fun portfolio! I agree with Cardboard, please add a mute button!

I would also move the text a bit to the left and have the font-size a bit larger in your nav bar (for large screens).

hey! thanks guys…but i have to say… i expected to hear the majority say put a mute button… but i just love the song and feel so obligated to force others to hear it ^^ lol

and the font thing i can understand… i was just trying to have it like Ash handwrote it giving him his on personality. im gonna try to actually put the 25 hours into it before starting the portfolio and really get in the details and how simple i can make it all be. thanks again guys!