With the new version of FreeCodeCamp, what would be the best way to share your contributions?

A few weeks ago, the nonprofit projects were part of the full stack development certification, but are now separate from the other certifications. When I do a few of the nonprofit tasks, what would be the easiest way to share them/ show them to others?

Just talk about what you did? People can also look at your GitHub contributions to see your actual code changes, if that’s what you mean.

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That’s going to help within the coding community, but how many HRD people are going to look at GitHub, let alone understand it? Heck, I barely understand it since they made it deliberately confuscated!

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HR is just going to look at your resume regardless. You list being an active contributor to an OS project on your resume and you talk about it in your interview. If a technical interviewer wants to actually see what you’ve done (which is what I took the original post to be about), then they can look at your PRs.

Whatever open badges are, no.

I looked at the user’s question as being broader than just within the context of interviews, probably because Samvit didn’t specify. Some people, especially in cultures where such things are highly valued, would definitely want to “show off” their certs socially, such as on social media. This also comes in handy because social media=networking which is the best way to get a job.

You can search for “open badges” but one example would be the Mozilla Backpack project, which now seems to be dead. An open badge is basically an image with code embedded showing the valid source of the badge and so on, which can be posted on sites that accept them. This makes it easy to show “certified” proof on one website that you’ve earned something. I know there are several others than MB, but not sure which are the most popular.