WITS for Linux?

Does anyone know where to download WITS or any software that can open .wits file? WITS is a software bundle that records your online activities and run all kinds of analysis on them.

I cannot find it anywhere. There are a lot of software called WITS from Google Search, but none of them point to the one I am looking for.

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Did you also post the same question on linux guruz? People were looking for WITS installation file years ago without any success. I don’t think you’ll ever find it. Having said that, I do have WITS installed on my old Linux machine, but I don’t have the installation files. I can open your .wits files for you though. Let me know.

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Ah, I remember it well. WITS was one of those one hit wonders and a hot topic in software forums years back. Here is a old forum post I found:

"WITS was a highly-rated data collecting/mining software created way ahead of its time by a USC student nicknamed ‘Ozzy’. Unfortunately, without any explanation, the software was taken down from its download page by Ozzy within just a few days of its release.

Rumor has it that it was bought by an unknown company or a government agency. But nobody really knows."

Do you really have WITS on your computer?


I’m sorry guys, please stop contacting me about opening .wits files or purchasing my computer, I have already sold my old Linux machine.

Here are my answers to some of y’all questions.

  1. Yes, I did have WITS installed on my computer. You can ask Webtc if he wants to verify what I said, because I opened his .wits files for him, free of charge.

  2. The software basically does what Webtc said. What surprised me the most about this software is that after analyzing my internet activities, it successfully predicted my current profession years before I took the job.

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