Wix or WordPress for my blog?

So I’m making a personal blog for getting income and posting about my story writing and progress in programming and life goals in general, with emphasis on my writing.

I’m ready to pay a little over $56 for BlueHost to use WordPress since it’s so dang popular and undeniable, but I only got about $116 to my name right now. I’m in a situation where I don’t need money to survive, and this may be an opportunity to flip it, but still.

I’m considering Wix as an alternative for now if it’s cheaper, but most people don’t seem to like nor use Wix, and I’m not sure how it will affect my SEO rating, so I don’t know.

Does the host and platform affect SEO?

Start with Wordpress.com. You can start a free blog on there and later transfer it to a host like bluehost when you have the funds.

I wouldn’t recommend wix…for anything. It’s for people that need a very basic site but don’t know how to do anything themselves.


Why don’t you just use the free service? Do you have that big an audience of readers that the SEO side matters at all at this point?

I honestly was just blindly following the advice on this site until I hit the “gotta pay at least $60” part.

Can I make money with a free WordPress blog? And what about Blogger?

That’s going to depend on you. I as far as I know it doesn’t matter what platform you use as long as you work at it. However if you plan to expand (get your own domain, customize your blog, expand your site) you’ll eventually need to pay for hosting and a domain name.

Wordpress has plans for this, various sites like Bluehost, hostgator etc have plans for this. Start out simple blogger has more items geared towards making money and I know you can buy a domain name from some place and point it your blog ( I don’t know if wordpress.com offers this without paying them). One you have the domain you can point it just about anywhere you move if you end up self hosting later. I suggest comparing blogging platforms to see if it has tools you like

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Yeah, build an audience first, then worry about making money. Go with the free site. Very few people make money blogging. The ones that do are the ones that manage to attract large audiences. Focus on that. Go with the free stuff until you know you’ve got something worth investing in.


OK. Everyone seems to friggin’ love WordPress, both the free version and the non-free version. I guess I’ll go with that.

WordPress still trying to get me to pay for stuff.

Yeah, they do that. Get the free one, and then later if you need the pay stuff, you can do the math.

I swear to God this thing’s kind of annoying already. I just created a domain name with the wordpress. part in it, and they’re like, “Now create a memorable domain name!”

I’m like, “Didn’t I already do that?” So I go back, and I get a message saying “Great! Now just go complete your purcahse to start your journey,” and I’m like, “Bruh. I just want a f**kin site for now.” And it’s part of the, “tutorial”. Step 7: “Register a custom domain.”

Is it possible to do cool tricks with HTML5 and CSS on WordPress?

Hi, I hope to clear some things up here:
There are two versions of WordPress. It’s wierd, I know.

  1. WordPress.Org is an open source (and free) platform that you can run on any server. Bluehost, Google Cloud, even a spare computer at home (although it’s not recommended). Some hosting services like Bluehost will allow you to automatically configure a WordPress page, but it will work with any server. All plugins on the WordPress.Org marketplace are free. However, you have to get your own server for it, like BlueHost.
  2. WordPress.Com is a commercial service that lets you host your content on their servers. It’s basically a hosting platform for WordPress.Org (well, a modified version of it) but it has a free tier. All plugins require a paid tier.
  3. Wix.Com is kinda like WordPress.Com, except it’s built on their own proprietary software instead of WordPress.Org (I think).

Yes, good summary. I would just add the detail that Wix is (afaik) an exclusively pay service.


I’d say that whatever you choose, at the end of the day content is king. You can even host your own website in a static html file without CSS, if you have something that captivates your audience, people won’t care if it’s a custom domain or a wordpress blog / page.


True, I totally agree with you. But, if you’re a WordPress creator/user, you need to look at security at first.

Securing WordPress has never been easy. In fact, most web owners find it mind-numbing and time-consuming.

Not to worry!

Check out this step by step [Free]WordPress Security Course.