Wonderful site for choosing color

I just wanted to share a really great site for picking color for your website. Here it is: paletton.com

Not only can you choose color styles, but it also has the option to show you what the colors will look like in a website. It’s pretty cool. Once you pick your colors, you click “examples” in the bottom right area of the page, and you can then view your color choices in a web preview. It’s a very handy site.


This is sweet! Thank you for sharing!

Holy cow! You know what, Ive come across this site many times, but always passed it over. When you said you could preview how it can look on a website, I decided to play around with it a bit and…holy cow! This is awesome! lol

Thanks for sharing, and explaining the features…never gave it a chance, now I will!

Great website. Thank you for sharing it. Recently I was looking for a website or app like this because I liked the colors on this site and I wanted to pick up something similar for my site https://edubirdie.com/apa-citation-generator. So now I can easily do that.

wow, thanks.The site is quite helpful. I also can share one- colourlovers, there are a lot of pretty patterns and shades. Just a cool way to find inspiration for an art or design)

yes, the inspiration is the most important for design:)