wordBlanks JS Challenge Help

I agree that an example like this would illustrate the situation better:

var adjective = "hot";

var sentence = "It was really " + adjective + ", and we " + "laughed" + " ourselves " + "silly" + ".";


You could also say that it’s a clear indication that people don’t actually read the description, they only scan the examples and try to solve the challenge through pattern-matching instead of understanding the information that is given to them. Surely the latter takes longer and requires the ability to read through instructions and being able to convert them to code without having an easy-to-replicate solution template.

In my opinion, there are already a lot of challenges with template-solutions (the section on object-oriented JavaScript can basically be solved entirely by copy-pasting the example and changing some variable names), and I must say that I remember walking through that section extremely quickly and learning extremely little in the process.