Wordpress Avada theme having some trouble adjusting some alignments in footer

I’m trying to adjust columns alignment in my footer but I’ve failed miserably. Please help.
First i’ve tried giving a name “footer-recent” to a column where I need to make changes in css. (pls see picture1). And then I tried typing css code in Global settings>Custom CSS.

The code is
footer-recent a {
padding 50 0 0 0px;
P.S I even tried with margin 50 0 px; but no changes is taking effect. Where am I doing wrong. Please help


padding: 50px 0 0 0;

there is no way we can find the source of the issue if we dont have access to the page, to actually see the css rules currently in play. A picture tells very little, other than be able to see the items are not aligned properly. It could be padding of one element, a margin of another, the size of one or another element, a display setting like flex or grid…the possibilities are countless.

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