WordPress - avoiding the plugin blackhole

Question for any people out there developing WordPress sites. I’d love to hear what your go-to sources are for quality plugins. Plugins tend to be the thing that slows my progress down to a crawl.

With that in mind, does anyone have a recommendation for a great popup plugin? Looking for the ability to add a newsletter sign-up popup on one specific page and a popup call-to-action on the homepage that would link people to the store page. Not necessarily looking for a free option, but hoping to avoid a subscription model.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @TheSharpReport - What I do when looking for a plugin goes something like this:

-1- I check to see if I have already saved ( that is marked as a favourite ) an appropriate plugin. See screenshot. You are welcome to use my name to pull up my list if you think it might be helpful.

-2- next I probably Google what I am looking for, adding keywords “plugin WordPress free” to see what that gets me. This is usually all I need.

-3- referring to step 2, I always go for links in my Google search to are hosted on https://wordpress.org/plugins/ because generally speaking that is the only place I will download a plugin from unless I plan to purchase a ‘premium’ version of a plugin, and they are not sold on https://wordpress.org/plugins/

-4- I also search directly on https://wordpress.org/plugins/ for plugins, but it seems to me to be more hit-or-miss than Google.

-5- Important! - before picking a plugin review the information down the right hand side of the plugin page. Look for a large number of Active Installations and read the reviews. Also check for a recent date where it says “Last Updated”. This shows that the plugin is being maintained.

-6- My last point would be to check that it is compatable with your current version of WordPress. You check this from inside WordPress, not on the plugin website.