Wordpress login failed

I think I forgot my wordpress log in password.
Even I clicked this : get new password button, nothing is being sent to my gmail account.

How am I gonna solve this issue?

just check your “spam” folder. maybe your response email for some reason landed there. :slight_smile:

nah it is not in it. my spam folder only has less than 20 emails.

do you have any sensitive data on the old wordpress account?

no not really. (20 characters)

the why not try to create a new account?

I hosted my website on digital ocean, does it have anything to do with my wordpress account?
I am kind of lost …

reinstall or update db with phpmyadmin

how do I do that? (pardon me if this is a simple google, please give me a more detailed answer)


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I see. Thanks I will try to do it and get back to you later!

For you is best way the phpmyadmin or make a php file copy code from here: https://codex.wordpress.org/User:MichaelH/Orphaned_Plugins_needing_Adoption/Emergency

and run it.

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I see thanks! (20 character)

okay… bare with me here cos I literally forgot whether I have a local folder or not…
I built this site a month ago and I only remember building it online using a free wordpress theme.
maybe I should just delete my droplet on digital ocean and start from scratch?
I only have one article on it and I have saved in locally.

This way just you need a reinstall. And select wordpresss in install. That much faster.

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I see. Thanks! (20 character)