Wordpress problem

Hi everyone, I know fcc isn’t the place for wordpress issues, but this is really urgent.
I bought and installed the haven theme for a client and I discovered that the contents of the website disappears in mobile view. I have already contacted the theme’s author, but they’re not responding. Any idea how to handle this?
It is really frustrating.

This is the link to the website

And the link to the theme

@clevadani This could be simple to solve and it could be really complicated. Can you share the site URL? That will help us understand the problem.

This is the link to the website

Did you change anything yourself?

Just looking at mobile emulation, it is clear the footer element is causing trouble — deleting it will show everything. So start your debugging there.

I didn’t change anything

Un-checking the 'position : relative; ’ on the class '.fw-footer-widgets ’ gets your content back.

I’m doing this in the chrome developer tools.

Poke around there…

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Out of curiosity how much do you charge for a site like this?

Though I was paid in my local currency, it’s about $400