Wordpress site works fine in chrome but totally breaks in safari browser

Here is my site https://www,tom-abraham.com/en. I have built the site using wordpress and elementor page builder . The site is working fine in chrome , mozilla, opera . However in safari browser the site totally breaks . Can someone tell me what is the issue

On what device and what version of Safari?

I ran a quick test on Safari 10.1 on macOS Sierra and iPhone (8/6) with Safari 11.3 and it seemed to look and work OK.

Have you tried any of the official support channels for the Theme and Builder?

In any case, this might just be the cost of using WordPress Themes and page builders.

I am using windows safari . I think this is why the layout breaks . By the way is preloader gif working in safari ?

Apple stopped supporting Safari for Windows. I’m pretty sure that browsers market share is negligible, I would not worry about it.

I do see the loading spinner (on the same systems as before).